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Hollywood shuts down amid Corona Virus 

Hollywood studios appear to be pushing back movie release dates to save themselves financially.

A number of studios are planning to release recent blockbusters early via online streaming due to the recent out break in hope of re couping any potential losses.

Source: Time 

Batman has a new ride!

The new Batman Movie (The Batman) scheduled for release in 2021 and directed by Matt Reeves has revealed the look of the new batmobile, it will be interesting to see where this movie goes following the previous interpretation by Chris Nolan.

Source: Screen rant 

Sonic has biggest ever opening for a console game character.

Sonic the Hedgehog managed to achieve what Birds of Prey did not..

a large opening at the U.S box office.

Sonic pulled in over $70,0000 on the presidents day weekend and has now grossed over $120,0000 worldwide.

All this on an $85,000,000 budget.

Black Widow – Trailer 2

New Mutants – Trailer

Following the acquisition of Fox by Disney, The New Mutants finally gets it’s trailer release with a film that looks like it could make up for the mishap that was Dark Phoenix…..fingers crossed

Joker repeats despite press fears.

Despite the negative press fears of copycat crimes joker has reclaimed the box office for a second week, the current worldwide box office stands at $543,000,000 on a $55 million budget, so far this is easily one of the films of the year and possibly the most profitable.

The King’s Man – Trailer 1

Doctor Sleep – Trailer

The Steven King adaptation of his novel, Doctor sleep, following the events of the Shining!

The Mandalorian – (Star Wars) Disney Plus Series 

If this does not rekindle your love of Star Wars..nothing will.

Midway – Trailer 1

Avengers End Game smashes all competition 

The final avengers movie broke all box office records and looks set to be the movie to unseat Avatar, the total worldwide box office currently stands at an impressive $1,664,1551,786 as of the 1st May 2019

On top of rave reviews from audience and critics, the Marvel movie machine shows no signs of slowing down.

The Curse of La Llorona – Official trailer

Knocking Shazam off the number one spot is the lastest Warner Bros offering -The Curse of La Llorona.

The Rise of Skywalker – Teaser 

Hopefully this can redeem this recent trilogy as the last jedi seeemed to end it…hopefully.

Joker – Teaser

Never paid much attention to the hearsay of an intended joker movie, until now, after watching the teaser…… Wow!

Avengers – End game Teaser 

Finally the trailer we’ve been waiting for, the movie is currently three hours long and should not disappoint, Roll on April 25th!

Toy Story 4 Trailer

Oscars 2019

The Oscars concluded with not the usual suspects winning the movie industry top prize.

Viewing figures were up on last years all time low despite the lack of host, among the surprise winners were Green book and Black Kkklansman.

Netflix made history by becoming the first streaming service to win Oscars for best director, foreign language film and best cinematography.

Rami Malek upset the odds to beat Christian Bale to the top actor prize while Spike Lee, Kevin Wilmott, David Rabinowitz and Charlie Wachtel won for best adapted screenplay for Black Kkklansman.

Marhershala Ali picked up his second Oscar for Green Book in a supporting actor role while
Olivia Coleman won the best actress Oscar for the Favourite.


Best movie – Green Book
Best supporting actor – Marhershala Ali
Best adapted screenplay – Black klansman
Best original music score – Ludwig Goransson
Best original screenplay – Green Book
Best sound mixing – Bohemian Rhapsody
Best original song- A Star is Born
Best Actor – Rami Malek
Best actress – Olivia Coleman
Best supporting actress – Regina King
Best animated feature- Into the Spider Verse
Best Director-Alfonso Cuaron
Best Documentary feature – Free solo
Foreign language film – Roma
Best Cinematography-Roma
Best visual effects- First Man
Best animated short- Bao
Best costume design –Black Panther
Best film editing- John Ottoman
Best Production design – Black Panther
Live Action Short- Skin
Best sound editing- Bohemian Rhapsody
Best make up – Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, Patrica Dehaney-Le May
Best documentary short – Period. End of Sentence

Irving G Thalberg Memorial – Frank Marshall / Kathleen Kennedy

How to Train your Dragon wins the weekend.

How to Train your Dragon 3 has largest opening for the franchise and opened with a franchise best
and currently stands at over $200 million worldwide.

Alita – Battle angel currently opened to a successful $64 million debut in China.

The Kid – Trailer 1 

The Mule –  Trailer 1 

Vice – Trailer 1

Christian Bale morphs into Dick Cheney in one of the must see Christmas releases, joined by a star studded cast including Steve Carell, Amy Adams and Sam Rockwell.

Shazam – Trailer 1 

The shazam trailer finally makes its debut and looks like it could be one of the surprise hits of the year.

Movies that broke the box office.

Source: Screen Rant 

Solo – Teaser Trailer

The new Han Solo trailer touches down and doesn’t look as disastrous as predicted.

All the favourites seem to be there, only one question…why isn’t Lando in the new Star Wars sequels?

The Last Jedi- Chinese box office disaster!

The Last Jedi – Divisive?

The last jedi appears to have upset a few fans despite taking record box office numbers, fans have complained of their trilogy being ruined –  Source : bbc entertainment news

Avengers – infinity war 

The infinity trailer hits the web and it seems to be quite popular!

Incredibles 2 – Teaser 

Deadpool 2 – Teaser 

Downsizing – Trailer 1 

Hostiles – Trailer 1 

Thor: Ragnarok – Official Trailer 

Dunkirk – Opens 21st July 2017 

Black Panther Teaser

Wonder Woman’ Sets a Record Opening for a Female Directed Feature.

Wonder Women exceed expectations with a $100 million opening, the largest opening for a female directed movie – Read more 

Guardians owns the top spot, King Arthur struggles.

Guardians of the galaxy maintained the top spot while King Arthur struggled to make any of $175 Million invested, with a weak $15,371,270 domestic opening and a $35,0000 foreign opening, making it potentially one of the biggest flops of the year!

Guardians return

Guardians of the galaxy tops the charts with $145 million domestically and tops $425 worldwide on release showing a 54% increase on the original.

Spider Man -Homecoming – Trailer 2 

Blade Runner 2049 – Official trailer 

Alien: Covenant – Crew messages 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Trailer 1 

Thor: Ragnarok Teaser

Justice league  – Trailer 1

Alien Covenant – Trailer 2 

Lego Batman  takes the top spot.

Lego Batman beat the Fifty shades and John wick sequels to a reported $55,635,00 making it one of the best weekends in 2017 so far.

Fences – Trailer 2

Logan – Trailer 2

Alien Covenant – Trailer 1 

Spider-Man Homecoming – Trailer 1

The Mummy – Trailer 1

Fantastic beasts takes the number one spot.

Fantastic beats beasts and where to find them opens up to a $75,000,000 box office while other new releases fail to make a dent.

Logan – Trailer 1

Hugh Jackman plays the role of Wolverine for reportedly the last time in a story based on the Old man Logan graphic novel.

December is not far off and a new Star Wars trailer is upon us.

Telling the story of the mission to steal the plans to the original Death Star, this is a story which will hopefully live up to the standard of the last movie.

Rogue One – Official Trailer

Suicide Squad Number one despite negative reviews

Despite negative reviews Suicide Squad manages to take the number one spot with a $135,000,000 opening.

Wonder Woman – Comic- Con Trailer

If you had any doubts now is the time to lose them, until you see the movie that is.

But if this trailer is anything to go by Wonder Woman has finally landed.

The Space Between Us – Trailer 1

American Pastoral – Trailer 1

The Birth of a Nation – Trailer 2

War Dogs -Trailer 2

The secret life of pets – Trailer 3

The secret life of pets takes a massive 103m on its opening weekend on a budget of 75m it has made 147m worldwide beating further back The legend of Tarzan which on a budget of 180m has only recouped 137m worldwide so far.

Finding Dory beats all opposition.

Disney/Pixar movie Finding Dory breaks the U.S weekend box office record for an animated movie, opening with $135,060,273.

Central intelligence opened at number 2 with $35,535,250.

Game of Thrones (Season 6 ) – Episode 9 preview

The end is coming!

Star Trek Beyond – Trailer 2

X men: Apocalypse – Final Trailer.

The Killing Joke – Official Trailer.

Jungle book easily takes the number one spot.

Jungle book beat the nearest competion with a impressive $103,000,00 opening , plus an additional $189,000,000 from overseas markets in its first week of release.

Captain America – Civil War reviews are in!

Captain America reviews are in and according to Empire magazine this is a five star movie!

When the Bough Breaks – Trailer 1

Doctor Strange – Trailer 1

Batman v Superman – Largest ever drop.

Batman v Superman is only a week in and has already had the largest drop in cinema history currently – 68.4%

The reviews are in, some are good, some are very bad.

Rotten Tomatoes has only 29%, which is not good, especially for a movie which has had this level of hype.

But we have all been here before i.e Batman and robin, but nothing can be that bad.

Once we have seen the movie we will let you know.

X men – Apocalypse – Trailer 2 

New  X men – Apocalypse posters.

x men defend

x men destroy

While the second trailer for X men apocalypse is still yet to be seen, you can console yourself with these new posters detailing the sides each mutant has taken.

The story will focus around the arrival of Apocalypse ( the first mutant ) who has arisen from his hibernation and is not happy with what he has found.

If the 2014 movie Days of future past is anything to go by then May 2016 has just got more interesting.

Daredevil – Season 2 – Official trailer – part 2

This is starting to look better than anyone could of imagined,  March 18th could not have come too soon!

Daredevil – Season 2 – Official trailer – part 1

The closer we get to this season the more excited we get for this show.

If you want to know where Christopher Nolan got his realistic version of Batman from look no further than Daredevil, Frank Miller who originally wrote stories for the Daredevil comic turned his attention to Batman and in turn gave us the legendary Dark Knight Returns graphic novel.

The gritty feel found in the Frank Miller stories are constantly on show, indicating why this is such a fan favourite TV series.

Batman v Superman – Final Trailer

The final trailer arrives and it does not disappoint!

Bad Neighbours 2 – Trailer 1

Seth Rogen returns!

Suicide Squad – Trailer 1

This is starting to look more promising than Batman v Superman,
with characters ranging from the Joker to Dead-Shot making an appearance this could prove to one of the mega hits of 2016.

If the producers of this movie were hoping for hype, I think they got it!

10 Cloverfield lane – Trailer 1


Star Wars smashes weekend opening record.

The Force Awakens smashed the opening weekend record with a fantastic $247 Million opening and rousing critical acclaim.

Could Avatars record finally be broken?

X Men: Apocalypse – Trailer 1

Batman v Superman – Trailer 2

Captain America – Civil War Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 6 poster revealed.


HBO has revealed the poster for season six Game of Thrones, the poster shows a familiar face, if you have never watched you need to start as your missing the best show television currently has to offer. – a must watch!

Fantastic Beats and where to find them – First photos


Entertainment weekly has exclusive photos of J K Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

The Force Awakens – Final trailer

Daredevil season 2 trailer

The Martian takes the number one spot with strong opening.

Ridley Scott directed The Martian opened to a $54,308,575 box office falling just short of the $55,785,112 opening of 2013 Alfonso Cuaron sci-fi movie Gravity.

Macbeth trailer

Hotel Transylvania sets new september record.

Hotel Transylvania has managed to set a new record for september openings, Genndy Tartakovsky the man behind other animated hits such as Samurai jack and the original Clone wars tv series has produced another hit.

Prequel characters could return for new the Star Wars films.


Making Star Wars rumours suggest that some prequel characters could return, while this makes sense for the film Rouge One (set before the original Star Wars) it may not make sense for the new movies.

Hayden Christensen is one of the names being mentioned, at the moment these are just rumours and to be honest when it comes to Star Wars you can’t believe everything you hear.

The Perfect Guy takes the number one spot.

The Perfect Guy beat M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Visit’, both movies were low budget with the Visit only costing a mere $5,000,000 to produce.

Toronto international film festival


The 40th Toronto international film festival begins with a wide selection of movies on show ranging from films such as Black mass to Jake Gyllenhaal’s new film, Demolition.

Running from the 10th to 20th September 2015, the festival has over 100 films available to the press and public.

New Spectre poster


The next instalment in the bond franchise is due to hit next month and picks up the story from Skyfall and involves the sinister organisation known as Spectre.

New Empire magazine Star Wars covers revealed.


Empire magazine has revealed the covers for the new Star Wars movie and to be honest…. it does look good.

Ash vs The Evil Dead – Trailer

Finally the return of Ash!

Straight Outta Compton – Official Trailer

New Star Wars images released.

star-wars-episode-vii-title large

New images have been released via entertainment weekly, feeding further into the frenzy building up to the December 2015 release.

Fantastic four falls at first hurdle.

The fantastic four may have just bought their way back to Marvel studios following a dismal showing at the box office and poor reviews, so far the reviews are even lower than the atrocious Batman and Robin.

Back to the drawing board!

Deadpool Trailer

If you don’t know deadpool, now is the time to start reading up.

Fear the walking dead trailer.

The official trailer for the new series.

The Perfect Guy – Trailer

Michael Ealy, Sanaa Lathan & Morris Chestnut star in The Perfect Guy .

Beasts of No Nation – Teaser

Idris Elba stars in a Netflix Original Movie – Beasts of No Nation

The Revenant – Official Teaser.

Empire magazine reveals Batman vs Superman cover.

Could Ben Affleck win over the naysayers?

Image via empire

New Spectre Trailer

Bond is back!

Ant man claims number one spot.

Ant – man claims number one with an estimated $58,040,000.

Not bad for a character that is not as well known to the general public compared to other established Marvel superheroes.

Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

Morgan Returns!

First look at X men: Apocalypse

Following on from Days of future past Bryan Singer directs his
fourth X men movie.

The character is well known from the comics being known as the first ever mutant and also having unlimited abilities.

His look is very close to his first appearance in X factor and follows his egyptian heritage theme. If previous Bryan Singer X men movies are anything to go by then this will be another reason to get excited for 2016

Fantastic Four Trailer #3

Suicide Squad – Trailer #1

Look who’s back!

Batman vs Superman:Dawn of justice – Comic Con Trailer.

More goodies from – Comic Con 2015

Star Wars:The force awakens  – Comic Con 2015 Reel

Creed – Trailer

Check out the lastest boxing wannabe.

New Han Solo origins movie announced.


Starwars .com has revealed that a new Han Solo origin movie is to be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the film is due for release in 2018.

The screenplay is written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan.

Inside out gains top spot.

Inside out finally gained the top spot and beat back Jurassic World
after three weeks on release.

Magic Mike XXL opens in fourth place.

Magic Mike XXL could only manage fourth place with an $12,857,00 opening.

New images  – Batman vs Superman


Entertainment weekly has exclusive images from the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.

Batman vs Superman is due to be released in early 2016

Ant Man Trailer #2

Steve Jobs Trailer #2

Our initial thoughts were that they should probably leave this alone after the Ashton Kutcher version, but after seeing this trailer we’ve changed our minds!

Oliver Stone’s Snowden Teaser Trailer.

First look at Oliver stone’s Snowden.

Daddy’s Home Trailer #1

Jurassic World holds on to the number 1 spot, making over $1 Billion wordwide.

Jurassic World stopped inside out for a second week running, Ted 2 was a new release with $33,000,000.

Jurassic World could now be on course to become one of the biggest movies of all time topping even Avatar.

Another Fear the Walking Dead -Teaser

CineEurope: Lucy 2 teased.


The Luc Besson founded company “Europacorp”has now set its sights on a sequel to the 2014 hit ‘Lucy’ according to THR.
A number of future titles were revealed some currently in production at the CineEurope trade expo.

Fear The Walking Dead – Teaser Trailer


If you can’t wait until October, check out a fear the walking dead teaser.

Hitman agent 47 – Trailer # 2


Tom Holland Cast as the Web-Slinger!


Tom Holland is the new Spiderman, officially announced by Marvel.

Our thoughts… could be good .. could be really bad.

Wolverine to return for X men- Apocalypse?


Hugh Jackman may be set to return for the new X men movie (Apocalypse), filming is already under way for the next instalment in Montreal.

A leather goods company recently posted an image of a duffle backpack they were recently asked to make for Hugh Jackman for the new X men movie which was quickly removed from Instagram.

Hopefully Fox will confirm soon.

Inside out misses out on No 1 spot


Despite missing out on the coveted number 1 spot,
Inside out still managed to have one of the biggest openings ever
of any Disney/Pixar movie, sitting 2nd behind Toy Story 3.

Click image for trailer

Inside out – Tv spot


Ant man Tv spot.


Click image for trailer

Kung fu Panda 3 Trailer arrives.


Click image for trailer

Matthew Vaughn movie plans.

Director Matthew Vaughn arrives at the p

Empire magazine has reported that Matthew Vaughn wants to make Kick Ass – 3 and also a prequel Kick Ass movie, hopefully he’ll be in the director’s chair, currently one the hottest directors around following Layer cake, X men- first class, Kick ass and more recently Kingsman.

Star Wars Battlefront footage at E3 2015


Time to buy your PS4, probably the best looking game we’ve seen in a while, check out the gameplay and enjoy!

Click image for trailer

Peanuts Movie – Trailer 2


Click image for trailer

New Star Wars movie : Rogue One


Forest Whittaker is to appear in the new standalone Star Wars movie : Rogue One, based around the rebel squad attempting to steal the original Death star plans.

Jurassic world takes a massive $204,600,000 on opening weekend!


Jurassic world took everyone by surprise and doubled the original estimate, the second biggest opening of all time, currently held by the avengers.($207.4)

Hunger games – Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer


First look at Batmobile from Batman v Superman Warner Bros. Consumer Products Exclusively Unveils the Batmobile

If you didn’t know there is a small matter of Batman v Superman due to hit cinemas next year. Check out the images for the new Batmobile

Spectre tv spot


Jon Bernthal to play Punisher


According to Comic book resources Walking dead actor Jon Bernthal is due to take on the role of the Punishe

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