Graphic Novels

Classic graphic novels ( some of our favs )

Batman – The Dark knight returns


To some the ultimate batman story, a retired Bruce Wayne returns to the mantle of the bat after a ten year retirement following Gotham’s rapid descent into crime.

A final confrontation with the Joker and the ultimate clash with former friend Superman makes for required reading.

Dark knight returns – wiki  

Dark knight returns – animated trailer

Batman – Knightfall


Batman meets his match in the form of Bane, Gotham’s prisoners escape leading batman to spend countless nights re capturing his enemies, all part of Banes plan to wear down the batman.

The final confrontation results in one of most memorable ends to a batman story to date.

Knightfall – wiki


X men – Days of future past


The dystopian future controlled by the sentinels, mutants are hunted and placed in internment camps.

Many of the x men we know are now dead, Kitty Pryde’s mind is sent back through time into her younger body to prevent a pivotal moment in mutant history occurring.

Days of future past – wiki

Days of future past trailer

Batman – Venom


One of the Batman stories that always stays in our heads is “Venom”
Batman becomes addicted to the same drug used by Bane after failing to save a young girl, batman is distraught and is provided with a drug to prevent this ever happening again, the consequences are shocking.

Batman – Venom wiki

Marvel – Secret Wars


If you don’t remember this where have you been, the story of a being named the Beyonder who transports a group of Marvels greatest heroes and villains to do battle on a newly created world. The winner will receive the ultimate prize.

Secret Wars – wiki

Other must reads:

Batman – Dark victory.
Daredevil series – Frank miller.
Superman – The Death of Superman.
X men – Dawn of the age of apocalypse.
Marvel – House of m.
D.C – Kingdom Come.
Batman – year one.
Wolverine – Old man Logan.
Marvel – Secret wars 2.
Batman – The Long Halloween







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